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Buffalo Bills logoOur website features direct links to the best beef sticks available on the internet - Buffalo Bills Beef Sticks! Since opening in 1990, Buffalo Bills has continued to produce one of the highest quality lines of beef sticks and beef jerky in the United States.Unlike many of their competitors, all of Buffalo Bills Beef Sticks are made in the USA and made solely with homegrown American beef. Buffalo Bills' extensive line of beef sticks now exceeds 25 quality sticks in a variety of sizes, styles, flavors, and textures. In addition to beef sticks, Buffalo Bills offers ham, turkey, and venison sticks, too!

If you're an individual consumer and would like to buy Buffalo Bills Beef Sticks, just click on any one of the images below and you'll be directed to Buffalo Bills' secure online shopping website - BBjerky.com. If you're a wholesale customer (minimum order $200), please visit Buffalo Bills' wholesale website - WholesaleSnacks.com. Orders placed on either website are shipped directly from Buffalo Bills - no middle man!

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About Buffalo Bills Types of Beef Sticks

Buffalo Bills Short Shots

Buffalo Bills Short Shots are our most popular and our "best value" all-beef stick. Introduced by Buffalo Bills in 1994, these 3.25" bite-sized beef sticks (less than 40 calories each) have a big beefy taste and come in 3 flavors – Mild, Hot, and Pepperoni. Buffalo Bills Short Shots are packed in a 30oz, 120-count bag and have a 4 to 6 week shelf life once the bag has been opened. Available Flavors: Hot, Mild, Pepperoni Available Package Sizes: 30oz Bulk Bag (120-Count Average)

Buffalo Bills Ole Smokies

Buffalo Bills Ole' Smokies are premium "twist-end" USA beef sticks available in 8 flavors (plus turkey and ham ones, too). Available in 3 package sizes (1.25oz Wrapped, 2-lb Saddlebags, and 7oz "To Go" Packs), these moist and "easy to chew" sausage-style sticks are extremely popular with meat sticks lovers nationwide. The 1.25oz individually wrapped Ole' Smokies are 9" long and packed 24 sticks per display tub - flavors include Pepperoni, Chili Pepper, and Teriyaki to a Jalapeno & Cheese blend. The 2-lb Saddlebags (50 bulk 5" sticks per bag) and 7oz Packs (9 bulk 5" sticks pack) are available in our 3 most popular flavors – Mild, Honey Stung, and Teriyaki. The 2 bulk packages of Ole' Smokies should be consumed within 2 to 3 weeks after opening and may be refrigerated. Available Flavors: Beef & Cheese, Chili Pepper, Ham, Honey Stung, Jalapeno & Cheese, Mild, Pepperoni, Spicy, Teriyaki, Turkey Available Package Sizes: 2-lb Saddlebag (50-Count), 9" Wrapped (24-Count Tub), 7oz Pack

Buffalo Bills Extra Smokeys

Buffalo Bills "Limited Edition" Extra Smokeys are truly unique, heavily smoked beef sticks with "Olde World" flavor in every bite. Almost as dry as jerky with the texture of hard salami, Extra Smokeys are made in small batches from all beef and seasonings, with no additives, extenders or msg, and zero carbs! They are then "cold smoked" for 3 to 4 days making this the heartiest beef stick on the market. Sticks are 4" long and roughly 3/4" in diameter and are packed in 10-count and 20-count bags. Available Flavors: Original Available Package Sizes: 1.2-lb Bag (20-Count), 9.6oz Bag (10-Count)

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